I'm a huge fan of the application, there are just two things I have to note:
  1. This might be considered a bug: When I start the application and don't move my mouse, the 'loading world data' form stays on screen and tw++ will not load unless I mouse-over the form. Since it doesn't affect the rest of the application it's kinda irrelevant, but thought I'd report it anyway.
  2. This is a request: Could you please build in a routine that checks for the existence of a file in the program root, containing extra server listings that are not build in by default (yet) That way I could use the application on DS-Lan games as well and on the new www.plemena.net servers while not having to bother you people with adding more servers ;)
    (Also it would mean supporting new versions is gonna be a lot easyer as you only have to update the server list and make it available for download instead of having to release a new version of TW++ when this happens)