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Feature Request: 4 additions.

Nov 18, 2007 at 3:38 PM
Two things you need to make it perfect ontop of what others have suggested already.
Firstly, in the map view, mapmakers like me and allyboo need to be able to turn off the grid to make the map work. If you can add a toggle button for that then you have a perfect map feature.

Secondly, in the campaign view, you need an option to export a campaign to a .txt or .rtf file so that you can share your plans with your tribe via the ingame forums.

Thirdly, also in campaign view, you need to be able to add in the player who is sending aswell as just the village as the tribes mass attack planner will need to see who is sending where as when certain tribes name all their villages the same then it gets impossible to distinguish. The player name can be added in another column and would be linked to the village sending from so that there is no need to add another input box.

And finally, also in campaign view, once you have executed attacks, you need to be able to toggle the columns on and off via right clicking the top bar so that you can turn off headers like notes and duration when they are not needed.

p.s. a little, non-essential mod. In the map view, you could make the map load faster if you somehow could program it to re-generate the section of the map that needs changing rather than the whole map every time.