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HOW TO: make TW++ work on World X (ie, worlds other then 3)

Oct 31, 2007 at 12:49 PM
Edited Oct 31, 2007 at 12:53 PM
This is how you make TW++ run on your TribalWars world. By default TW++ works on world3 but it can be made to work on other worlds.

here are detail instructions

  1. Start TW++
  2. download data if it tells you you must do it - that will happen only when starting for the first time
  3. Once done, go to Tools menu, choose Options, select the World Data tab. This is where you will enter the locations of the data files for your world, read on.

Now you will need to find the location of the data files for your world (this is Internet Explorer specific help!)
  1. Open TribalWars and login in to the world you play on.
  2. Click on Help (on the top navigation bar)
  3. click World Data link on the left.l This will bring you to a page listing the 3 data files - /map/village.txt, /map/tribe.txt etc.
  4. right click on the link (the .txt NOT .gz link) and choose properties. A window will open with the exact URL (location) of the one data file. You can copy this text with your mouse and copy it (right click and Copy, or Ctrl+C).

  1. Go back to TW++ (you should have the Tools->Options->World Data screen open. Paste the URL of the data file to the appropriate text box there.
  2. repeat this for each of the 3 world data files

  1. Close the Options screen, go to Tools->Download Latest Data, and you will download the data for your world.

Please note the map generator will work for all worlds. but the attack planner work for world with the same units and unit speeds as World 3 only. I am releasing the code hoping other can pick up the torch and make it work on all worlds